Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Virtual Doctor Visit: Washington Post

I grew up around elderly people.  My parents were middle-aged when I was born, grandparents were elderly, many of my parents friends were elderly.  I cannot think of one person who said that they liked being in a hospital.  A continual fear of my parents, grandparents and my parents elderly friends was the fear of wasting way in either a hospital or nursing home.  Death was a better alternative.  Not that they wanted to die, but that they did not want to die in the confines of a hospital or nursing home.

This is an article published today (Tuesday, 17 November 2009) in the Washington Post that discusses remote monitoring as an alternative to a hospital admission.  There's a trial underway to determine if remote monitoring can provide the kind of information that physician require to keep people from being admitted to the hospital.  It's care in the home.  Here's the link: The Virtual Doctor Visit.

Here's an update on the Digital Plaster trial: http://tech.kikil.com/2009/11/medical-debut-for-smart-band-aid/.


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