Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sensor Technology: Digital Plaster and Stethoscope

Digital Plaster

Toumaz Technology has announced the clinical trials of what they are calling "digital plaster" that should enable caregivers to remotely monitor patients.  In the initial trial it would allow caregivers to remotely monitor patients when they are in the hospital.  However, conceivably patient could carry a mobile monitoring system like the one that I discussed in my article: Communication Model for Medical Devices.  

Here is a link the article on Digital Plaster: http://www.sciencecentric.com/news/article.php?q=09110342-digital-plaster-monitoring-vital-signs-undergoes-first-clinical-trials

Update:  Here's an image of digital plaster from a UK website.  This is to provide you with an image of the size and means of application of digital plaster.  It's a sensor placed into a standard plastic or cloth strip.  Simple to apply and it's disposable.  

For more information, here's the link: Imperial College, London, UK.  This is a 2007 article.  This is a good reference point to investigate the technology. 

Digital Stethoscope

Another development was the announcement at TEDMED of the digital ste.  Here's the link to the article: http://mobihealthnews.com/5142/tedmed-wireless-health-has-killed-the-stethoscope/.  This article discusses this and other new wireless medical devices that will enable patients to be remotely monitored from virtually anywhere.  Thus providing the capability to keep people out of hospitals or keep them for shorter periods of time.  Furthermore, these technologies have the capability of improving care while lowering costs.  Again I think it would be instructive to read my articles on mobile, wireless data communications:  1) Communication Model for Medical Devices and 2) New Communications Model for Medical Devices.

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