Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Biotronik Home Monitoring Claim

I'm posting this article before my discussion on measurement and sensing because it has relevance to my immediately preceding posting.  

Biotronik released to the press on Tuesday 27 October 2009 an announcement regarding their Evia Pacemaker.  In that press release was some additional information regarding Biotronik's Home Monitoring system.  Here's the link to the press release:,1016041.shtml

The relevant quote from the press release is the following:

Now physicians have the choice to call in their patients to the clinic or perform remote follow-ups with complete access to all pertinent patient and device information, including high quality IEGM Online HD®. Importantly, BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® has also received FDA and CE Mark approval for its early detection monitoring technology which allows clinicians to access their patients’ clinically relevant event data more quickly so they can make immediate therapy decisions to improve patient care. 

The indications are that the Biotronik claims that their system provides quicker access to relevant data, not that the data (and analysis) yield earlier warning results.  This is consistent with my earlier analysis and that seems to be supported by Biotronik's own admission.

I do wonder about Biotronik's long-term objective.  I suspect that Biotronik wants to be one of the big three implantable device manufacturers, not just become one of four.  It would mean that Biotronik would likely target one of the big three to replace and that would likely involve targeting the weaknesses of the company that Biotronik wants to replace.  I'll continue to monitor Biotronik and report what I find.

Next, my discussion on measurement and detection.

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